Surveillance & Keyless Entry


Security is a concern of us all. Our innovative systems give you total control over who is allowed on your property and protection for your home and family 24/7. Smart Locks can tell you who enters, when, and for how long – and send you status alerts right to your smartphone. See who is at the front door, check the baby in the nursery, or watch your children play in the yard on any TV or mobile device. All cameras and angles can be recorded to a hard drive or cloud-based recording system for future replay.

Let’s go a step further. Not only can you see at get alerts, you’ll be able to grant access from your mobile device. Open and lock doors, gates, garages, even interior cabinets, no matter where you may be in the world.

Communication is a vital component of security as well. Our Intercom/Phone systems let you speak with and see whomever is at the gate or door and open the locks from an Intercom/Phone. You’ll be able to page any room or building, as well as do a general estate call to all locations which are heard though each mounted Intercom/Phone. And yes, the phone system has the capability of multiple phone lines and advanced voice-mail options, all programmed by our Signals AV engineering team.